For The Love of Lynn - A Short Autobiography

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Home should be the safest place for a child. Home should be the place they run to for protection from the outside fears. But what happens when home becomes the place of fear? When you’re too young to comprehend the things happening around you, and they’re too sick for any child to have to endure.

I’ve come to understand that you can learn from just about any one. Perhaps you can learn of good practices in a person that you want to imitate. Or perhaps you can learn of practices or mistakes you hope to never imitate in your life. Either way, you have learned something worthy from every individual that crosses your path in life. Well, what I learned was quite different. I was taught a very valuable life lesson by a three-year old girl by the name of Lynn. This little caramel complexion, dimpled smile, curly hair little girl experienced much in her young life. What could I possibly learn from this young child? Well, why don’t we start from the beginning shall we?


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