Cozy in Pink Campaign

Uylee's Boutique is ecstatic to announce the return of the "Cozy in Pink" campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This campaign provides FREE head wraps or turbans to any woman or young lady undergoing chemotherapy and fighting cancer. All of us know someone that has been touched by some form of cancer. Perhaps a member of our family, a friend, a colleague, a schoolmate, or perhaps even ourselves personally. 

The beauty of women is that we gather around one another during times of distress. We love to nurture and care for one another. If we were financially able, we would expand this program outside of the month of October in an attempt to reach as many young ladies as possible. But unfortunately, due to finances, we can only provide the campaign for one month per year at this time. However, just being able to provide the campaign for one month makes us feel like we have given something back to our Sisters to assist. 

Though these beautiful Ladies are gorgeous JUST AS THEY ARE! We know that when we lose our hair at a rapid rate, it can take some time for our bodies to adjust to the new colder temperature. That's why we call our program Cozy in Pink. To help provide some temporary warmth while our beautiful young ladies adjust to the new body temperature. All items are provided with FREE shipping. 

If anyone would like to donate to the program by sending in brand new headwraps, turbans, scarves, or beautiful caps, we would graciously accept these donations. Please feel free to ship items to the following:
Uylee's Boutique Cozy in Pink Campaign
PO Box 582464
Elk Grove, CA. 95758
All donated items will go directly to young ladies and women that make a request during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Please also be aware that all women fighting breast cancer can request a free HOPE kit from the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This kit includes fuzzy socks, tumbler, tea, Thrive Causemetics product, Unscented Lotion, Lip Balm, HOPE Journal and Pen, Bracelet, and Educational Resources. This kit may be requested at the following link:

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