COVID-19 Policies

Uylee's Boutique takes the health concerns around the Coronavirus very seriously and encourages our staff and customers to prioritize their health first. It is imperative to our Boutique that good hygiene is practiced at all times when handling Customer Orders. 

1. Hands are washed and sanitized prior to handling any package that is being shipped to a Customer.

2. All merchandise is kept in one (1) sanitized room, and only Boutique employees have access to this room, which remains closed at all times. 

3. We have began sending out alcohol wipes with our packages, to allow Customers to use these wipes to clean their packages upon arrival. 

4. We apologize, but we have temporarily suspended product returns. In order to protect our employees and our customers from any additional risk, we will not be accepting returns of any merchandise until further notice. 

This is a difficult time for everyone and we thank you for your patience.  Health is a number one priority right now, so please stay safe.