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COMING SOON: Black Berry (For the Love of Lynn 2)

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Based on a true story, "Black Berry" is the story of a young African-American girl from California. She is sent to spend her summers in Alabama at her Grandmother's home. Being from a California Culture, things are so different for her in the South. She learns new rules, new manners, new ways to speak, and new opinions of how she is viewed by the color of her skin. It is a different world and to her, feels like a different time. 

However, those summers turn out to be the happiest childhood memories of her life! She learns more during those summer months than she would have ever learned at home in California. Things she could never learn in a textbook, but only from living and enjoying! She learns about her culture and where she is from. She learns about proper manners and love for those who have come before her. She learns the history of her family, her people and herself. And she develops bonds of love with family and new friends that will never be broken. 

Black Berry is the second installment from Author, Uylanda Dennis, as a follow-up to her first book "For the Love of Lynn". Black Berry is a "part-2" to this publication, however the author has changed the names of the characters in this book. Though the names have been changed, this publication is about young Lynn from the Author's publication, "For the Love of Lynn". 

Black Berry is the story of growth from childhood to womanhood and all the things in between. A lovely read, full of learning and much adventure! 


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