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Men's Long Sleeve Plain Polo Shirt - Black or Navy Blue

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This is a solid navy blue and solid black plain men's shirt. It is long sleeve and made of polyester. It fits true to size and is very comfortable.  Available in black or Navy Blue.  Please be sure to check the size measurements prior to placing your order. It is suggested that you hand wash this item in cold water, and hang it to dry. 

**Please Note** It may require up to three weeks for this item to arrive.  Please take the shipping time into consideration if you are ordering for a particular date in view.  Thank you



Size Bust Shoulder Sleeve Length
S 100cm/39.4" 43cm/17.0" 64cm/25.2" 70cm/27.6"
M 106cm/41.7" 45cm/17.7" 65cm/25.6" 72cm/28.3"
L 112cm/44.1" 47cm/25.5" 66cm/26.0" 74cm/29.1"
XL 120cm/47.2" 49cm/19.3" 67cm/26.4" 76cm/30.0"
2XL 128cm/50.4" 51cm/20.1" 68cm/26.8" 78cm/31.0"
3XL 134cm/52.8" 53cm/20.9" 69cm/27.2" 80cm/31.5"