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Quick Tip – Cleaning Clothes For Sale

Now that you have opened your online business, and you have decided to sell clothing, will you also sell used clothing? Of course!  You can take a trip to your local thrift store and find some amazing finds to add to your online store.  Of course, as small online shop owners, we can’t afford to have each garment professionally dry cleaned.  Well let me tell you about a valuable tool.  I have discovered that using Woolite At-Home Dry Cleaner on my gently used, consignment or thrift store items makes my garments fresh and ready for shipping without a professional dry cleaning bill.

There are different types of Woolite at home cleaners, but this is the one I prefer to use in my Boutique:


I can freshen up to four garments with just one cloth. I gather my items, throw them into the dryer, set the dryer to gentle, toss in a Woolite cloth, and the clothing comes out “straight from the Dry Cleaner’s” fresh!

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