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Shipping For Your Online Business

Well, now you have your online business set up, but how on earth are you going to ship these items out??  Well, if you are selling using an app such as PoshMark, Mercari or Tradesy, shipping labels with postage are provided for you each time you make a sale.  The postage label is sent to you via email. You simply print the label, which includes the postage, attach it to your package, and it’s off.

However, if you are selling directly from your own website, you may need to create your own labels and postage.  I would suggest setting up an account at USPS.  You can create your business account, and click and print postage as needed for each sale. I absolutely love using their service!

They also provide you with USPS free shipping supplies, and they will even deliver these to you FREE OF CHARGE.

You can also open and register for a business account with FedEx. They also allow you to create online shipping labels, and will also provide you with FedEx free Shipping Supplies.  They will also deliver these supplies to your address FREE OF CHARGE.  You will however need to log into your FedEx account to order the free supplies.

Both USPS and FedEx allow you to schedule a pick-up. So you have the option to take your items down to the Post Office or nearest FedEx location, or have USPS or FedEx pick up the items directly from you for shipment.

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