However, please be aware that the shipping charges are not created by Uylee's Boutique.  All international shipping charges are created by the United States Postal Master and are subject to change, which our Boutique has no control over.  Here is a brief list of what they are currently charging to ship from the United States to International locations using Priority Mail:

Shipping to Canada: $24.95

Shipping to Mexico: $31.00

Shipping to Brazil: $31.00

Shipping to France $34.25

Shipping to Italy: $34.25

Shipping to Peru: $31.00


To search and inquire what the shipping fee will cost for your Country, please feel free to use the following link:

1. Choose Your Destination Country

2. And from the "Following Options" sections, please select "View Flat Rate Envelope Options"

3. We use the: Priority Mail International® Padded Flat Rate Envelope. 

WE DO NOT USE THE EXPRESS ENVELOPE. It is double the price. Please make sure you are looking at the correct PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL PADDED FLAT RATE ENVELOPE price.