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Classic Little Girls' Cheongsam Dress 旗袍 US Size 4T/5T

Classic Little Girls' Cheongsam Dress 旗袍 US Size 4T/5T

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Lovely Little Girl Cheongsam Dresses. Available in eight color choices: Pink, Light Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Royal Blue, Rose Red and Red.

Made from a satin blend material, with a lovely floral peacock design.

The tag on the dress says a size 12, however this is NOT an american size 12. The measurements for this dress are as follows:
Chest: 28"
Waist: 27"
Dress Length: 30"
Fits a child that wears an American 4T or 5T

(This is a “new” item)

旗袍 Lovely tiny Cheongsam dresses for babies. Made from a silk blend, available in five color patterns, fits up to a size 18-Months (US Size).

What’s available:
Rose Red, Sizes 6, 10, & 12
Red, Sizes 8 & 12
Royal Blue, Size 12
Sky Blue, Sizes 10 & 12
Light Green, Size 12
Light Pink, Size 10
Yellow, Size 12
White, Sizes 10 & 12

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