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Affirm and Sezzle Payment

 We now have two additional payment options for our Customers! We have teamed up with Affirm and Sezzle to provide you with additional ways to purchase your items.  Both have 0% interest, and both allow you to receive your items now, and pay later. Simply choose either Affirm or Sezzle as your payment option upon check-out.

Affirm Uylees Boutique
It’s about helping you say yes
Yes to the things that will make your life easier, more fulfilled, and more fun. The interview outfit. The trip of a lifetime. The new mattress for a good night’s sleep.
Yes isn’t always easy
When you’re trying to save for the future or meet financial goals, it can seem smarter to put off those bigger purchases. But sometimes, waiting can mean months, or years…or never.
Credit cards were supposed to help
As many of us learned the hard way, late fees, compounding interest, and penalties make it way too easy to spiral into debt—this is how credit card companies make money
Affirm is a better way to buy
One specifically designed to help you say yes to the things you want while keeping you out of unhealthy debt.
We tell you up front the total amount you’ll pay. That number will never go up.
You choose the payment schedule that works for you.
We won’t charge you late fees or penalties of any kind, ever.

    Just select at AFFIRM checkout.





Here’s how to Sezzle


It’s quick, easy and approval decisions are instant.



We have many items in Uylee's Boutique to choose from. 


Simply select Sezzle at checkout and complete your order.


How it works

Split your entire order into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks. No fees if you pay on time with zero impact to your credit.


2 weeks

4 weeks

6 weeks


Ready. Set. Sezzle!


Sezzle Uylees Boutique